Packing Information

What To Bring To Camp

___water bottle


___shorts and t-shirts

___at least one pair long pants and one long sleeved shirt


___underwear and socks sufficient for one week at camp

___outfit for talent show/dance (if desired)

___jacket and/or sweatshirt

___poncho or rain coat

___personal hygiene articles (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.)

___two pairs of closed-toe shoes/1 pair old shoes or sport sandals that can get wet

___sleeping bag or bedding & pillow (none is provided)

___flashlight (and extra batteries)

___bathing suit & sunscreen lotion (swim goggles – optional)

___towels & washcloths

___money - $5.00 at most (optional, but used for fun auctions and thank you gifts for the Camp Graham staff and kitchen crew)

___optional items: letters, postcards, stamps, books, decks of cards, etc.

                                                                  (Please mark all items with camper's name.  Camp Quest is not responsible for lost items.)



Camp Activities

Talent Show/Dance – Camp Quest has a talent show and dance night.  Many campers bring special outfits, props, or music to sing, dance, cheer or hula for an act during the show.  The dance is after the talent show. Many campers like to bring a dressier outfit for the dance, though dressing up is not required. 


Sleepout – After mid-week campfire, we hold a sleepout in the rec field or in the rec hall.  Campers bring their sleeping bags and sleep on tarps and ground cloths.  We have several tarps, but if you have a tarp available, please bring it to ensure there is enough space for all campers.





While at Camp Quest, campers receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day in the dining hall as well as an evening snack provided by Camp Quest.  In order to avoid dehydration and disrupted sleep cycles, campers are NOT allowed to bring soft drinks or candy to camp.  If campers need additional food beyond what is provided, please choose healthy snacks, such as granola bars.  All food items will be turned in at registration, marked with the campers’ names, and kept in a location where counselors can retrieve items for the campers.  No food will be permitted in the cabins since it can invite forest critters.  Any food found in the cabin during the week will be confiscated by Camp Quest staff.




Please bring at least two pairs of closed-toe shoes to camp.  Camp Graham is spread out and campers cover a lot of ground walking around camp. 




Camp Quest aspires to create a community among its campers and staff.  To ensure all participants are invested in the community, cell phones, DVD players, handheld video games, and any device that transmits a signal outside of camp are not permitted.  


Cameras are permitted. However, they aren’t necessary since we have a staff photographer dedicated to taking pictures throughout the week. Those pictures will be posted online for parents to view and download after camp.


We understanding that participants might need time to unwind, so personal music players (MP3/CD players – your cell phone can not be your music player) are permitted inside of the cabin to be used during designated free time.  Any music players seen outside free time, as well as other electronics seen during camp, will be collected and returned at the end of the week.


Camp Quest understands that some campers are flying or traveling with somebody other than their parents and might need to bring a cell phone for their travel.  If a camper brings a phone, or any other electronic item that is not permitted at camp, it should be turned over for safe-keeping at registration.  All items will be returned at the end of camp.  



If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the information above, please contact Shawn Jeffers at 513.404.8191 or


Thank you for helping us keep your kids safe and healthy at camp.