Current Camp Quest Ohio Board of Directors

Chair: Scott Grant

Scott has been involved with Camp Quest Ohio since 2010, first as a cabin counselor and more recently as the Program Director. Scott is also on the board of directors for CQSM. Scott lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his partner, Katie and children, Matrim (who attends camp) and Temperance (who can't wait). Outside of Camp Quest, Scott works in the IT industry.

Vice Chair: Stacy Dunn
Stacy has been involved in CQ since summer 2013 in various roles, and is happy to do whatever’s needed. She currently lives in Erie, PA and works as an archaeologist in higher education.

Secretary: Angela Wiedl
"Anything" Angela has been involved in Camp Quest since 2013 as a counselor, art director, and girls cabin area leader. She lives in Columbus, OH and is getting her second Bachelors degree in Nursing while working as a PSA at Riverside Methodist Hospital. Angela is also the Vice President of Community Projects for a young professionals group at the Godman Guild Association.

Treasurer: Dan Smucker
Dan is the Operations Director for Camp Quest Smoky Mountains. He began as a counselor at CQ Ohio in 2009, where he is currently their Male Cabin Area leader. Dan also serves as treasurer on the CQOH and CQSM board of directors. Dan lives in Columbus, OH. He holds a B.A. in Literature from The Ohio State University. Dan enjoys reading comic books, camping and going to local trivia nights.

Craig Bauman

Shawn Jeffers: Shawn is the past Chair of the Camp Quest Ohio Board and the current Chair of the Camp Quest Inc, National Board. He has volunteered for Camp Quest Ohio since 2003.

Kevin Katz

Chelsea Pavey

Don Sutterfield

Ex-Officio Members
Heather Robinson: Heather is the 2017 Camp Director for the Camp Quest Ohio June Session.

Rita Messer: Rita is the 2017 Camp Director for the Camp Quest Ohio July Session.


Expectations for
Camp Quest Ohio Board of Directors

All Board Members

  1. Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings
  2. Make a “personally significant” financial contribution to the organization every year
  3. Disclose all actual and potential conflicts of interest
  4. Ensure alignment of mission, vision, strategies, objectives, and tactics
  5. Understand programs and services of Camp Quest Ohio
  6. Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight
  7. Build a competent board (including recruiting, training, and evaluation)
  8. Participate in identifying, cultivating, and asking donors for their support and grant writing
  9. Participate in between one to three standing committees of the Board and additional ad hoc committees as required
  10. Ask hard questions and take responsibility for making sure you understand what is going on
  11. Enhance the organization’s public standing
  12. Be a vocal advocate of the organization.